Pastor and Mrs. John Kling's 50th wedding anniversary in front of the parsonage on August 8, 1913. 

 Young Chester Henry Traver.

 The Rev. Dr. Henry Chester Traver

 The Royal Court in the Wurtemburg School #8, around the turn of the century.

 The Rev. Dr. George Nef


 Inside the Wurtemburg Church, circa 1938.

 The Wurtemburg theatrical group, circa 1885.

The Rev. Dr. Frederick H. Quitman 

The Rev. Chauncey Diefendorf 

The Rev. John Kling 

The grave of Rev. Dr. Charles Adam Smith, buried in Scholharie, N.Y. 

The Rev. Dr. Archibold Diet 


The Rev. Finch 

The Rev. Elder J. Himes 


Picture of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Wurtemburg   circa 1900.  Note the schoolhouse in the back. 

The Rev. Dr. John Gideon Traver 



Left:    William Traver           Right:   James K. Brown 

The Rev. William E. Traver 

The Rev. Henry Wahl 

 The Rev. Dr. William Boomhower

Wurtemburg School #8. 

Approximately 1910:  Wurtemburg School children dressed up for Halloween.