Rev. Dr. Mark D. Isaacs

Pastor Mark was born in Minneapolis, and baptized in Hazel Run, Minnesota.  He has lived most of his life on the East Coast in Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Upstate New York. 

Pastor Mark was ordained on June 21, 1992.  Since June 1996, he has had the privilege of serving as pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Wurtemburg located off of highway 9-G in Rhinebeck, New York.  St. Paul’s (Wurtemburg), an active and growing congregation, was founded in 1760.  St. Paul's (Wurtemburg) is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Conference and Ministerium.  The ELCM is a centrist Lutheran denomination [see]. 

 Pastor Mark's History of St. Paul's

On his book about St. Paul's:

"I have had the privilege of serving as Pastor of St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Wurtemburg, Rhinebeck, New York for the past 16 years. And, I have lived in the historic 1870 Wurtemburg Parsonage since January 1, 2000.  During this time, I have walked the cemeteries and studied the headstones. I have spent time alone in the church reading memorial plaques and culling through the well-ordered archives. I have spent many happy hours rummaging through the crevasses, corners, and cupboards of the old church seeking bits of information. I have also spent time listening to the stories and the recollections of lifelong members, as well as community leaders and local historians living in the Rhinebeck, New York area. During this time, I have sought "Verstehen," a deeper understanding of this special place, and of the people who lived, worshipped, and died here.

Who were these people? And, why did they found, struggle, and support this special country church?   My book is a humble record of my findings and discoveries.  For the past several years, I have endeavored to assemble bits of information, dates, old photographs, stories, and maps attempting to weave this material into a coherent narrative, so that these precious memories might help current members gain a deeper appreciation of this remarkable 250-year-old congregation. I also hope that this work will contribute to the preservation of this material for future generations." --Mark D. Isaacs

                                                                                               The 74th Annual Masonic Communion Breakfast


Rothenburg, Germany       2004

Pastor Mark was part of the church group that went to experience "Lutherland"  back in 2004.  St. Paul's has a rich Palatine history and this trip added wonderful knowledge to Pastor's understanding of that.     


Qumran, Israel      Cave Four       March 2010

Pastor  Mark had the life-altering experience of going to Israel in the Winter of 2010.  He gained in spiritual knowledge that you can only get by actually being there, and is anxious to share his experience with all! 


 July 1-10, 2011    Pastor Mark visited Chennai [Madras], India on a preaching and teaching tour. Chennai is the fifth largest city in India. It is about same size as New York City. According to strong Church tradition, Madras was visited by St. Thomas nearly 2,000 years ago.


 While in Chennai, Pastor Mark was presented with a Doctor o f Divinity [D.D., Honoris Causa] degree from the Anglican Church of India “in recognition of his biblical insight and the ministry of teaching the Anglicans and their wider evangelical Indian Christian communities around the world beside rendering extraordinary and meritorious services in the theological field.”


 One of the highlights the trip was visiting an orphanage run by the Anglican Church of India.


                                       As an Adjunct Professor at three local colleges as well as the Culinary Institute of America,                                                Pastor Mark has taught the following courses:

Church Growth and Evangelism; Business Ethics; Austrian Economics; Management; The Holy Bible;  Comparative Religion; Philosophy of Religion; Western Civilization; American History; and Geography.  Reflecting his interdisciplinary background and interests, Pastor Mark teaches a wide variety of classes including; Economics of Social Issues; Macroeconomics; Microeconomics; Global Business and Society; Economic Geography; Physical Geography; Business Ethics; Marketing; Introduction to Business Management; Organizational Management and Behavior; Leadership; Evangelism and Church Growth; Public Presentations; Interpersonal Communications; Management of Non-Profit Originations; World Views and Values; Introduction to Biblical Studies; New Testament Survey; and Religion and Economics.

Pastor Mark has many interests, including European travel, stamp collecting, classical music and Freemasonry.   He and his wife, Linda, have three daughters and seven grandchildren!


 Book signing at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona for Pastor Mark's book:
THE END? Textual Criticism and Apocalyptic Speculation in Johann Albrecht Bengel

Published in January 2010

Assorted Degrees:

      B.A., 1980, Westfield State College. Economics 

      M.Div., 1992, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. The Holy Bible, Church History, Historical Theology

       S.T.M., 2005, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg. History-- On J.A. Bengel (1687-1752), Church History, Practical Theology

       Ph.D., 2005, Trinity Theological Seminary. Max Weber: Economics, Comparative Religion, Systematic Theology, Holy Bible

       D.Min., 2007, Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. Local Church History, New Testament , Church Art and Architecture

Th.D., 2008, Newburgh Theological Seminary. Systematic Theology and Historical Theology, Life and Thought of Dr. Albert Schweitzer, Historical Theology

D.D., 2011, The Anglican Church of India “in recognition of his biblical insight and the ministry of teaching the Anglicans and their wider evangelical Indian Christian communities around the world beside rendering extraordinary and meritorious services in the theological field.”  This degree was awarded while on a teaching and lecture tour in Chennai, India.

       M.A., Newburgh Theological Seminary [In Progress!] Biblical Archaeology

       Post-Doctoral Work: The International Academy of Apologetics, Evangelism, and Human Rights, Strasbourg, France (Summer 2007 and 2009)

       Holy Land Pilgrim: February 22-March 4, 2010.