St. Paul's is a busy place!  We have many annual events that bring people together in God's Holy Name.  The following pictures are of some of  the people who have made St. Paul's so special over the years. 

 Jana Lynn Ortstadt, a friend of ours here at St. Paul's for many, many years, now rests in our Wurtemburg Cemetery.  Buried on the hill, very near to where we hold our SonRise Easter morning service and close to our parsonage, we are most grateful to her family for bringing her back from Tennessee so she can rest here, where she loved to be.  We miss Jann's clever wit, deep thoughts and creative expression and we will always remember her with love in our hearts. 

 Mary and Henry Baas, pictured here the last time Mary was able to come to church.  Through her deep love for St. Paul's and her great generosity, we were able to install an electric lift.  We are now wheelchair accessible because of Mary.  We will always remember Mary and Henry as the solid Christian people they were!

Craig Vogel, pictured here with his wife Patsy, was a gentle man in every sense of the word.  He was absolutely devoted to his family, church and community, being involved with many organizations in our area.  We are extremely fortunate to have Patsy involved in major archival work here at St. Paul's and her knowledge and energy are a true gift to us.

 Barbara Frost, while being interviewed by Pastor Mark.  Barbara was a great historian and record keeper here at St. Paul's, and a wonderful source of information for Pastor Mark's book on St. Paul's. 

 Eda and Roy Steward, Sr.  are known to everyone as people who have been coming to St. Paul's for decades!    Not only have they come to St. Paul's for as far back as anyone can remember, they are the parents of Pastor Roy Steward....our ELCM President.  We will miss their quiet presence in our lives and remember them fondly!

Ruth Carlson was a friend to all, with her bright smile and quick wit.  It was a delight knowing Ruth over the years!

 Wayne Paul (pictured bottom right) was a friend to us for a long time.  Special recognition was given to him during our annual Veteran's Day celebration this past year (2009) for his service during the war in Viet Nam.  Pictured with him is his wife Nancy  (bottom left)  who continues to be a dear member of St. Paul's, as well as his close family.    After MANY years with our Sunday School program, she is now the founder of our Prayer Shawl Ministry. 

The spunky Judy Townsend.....what a fun lady to be around!  She and her husband Fred were good friends of St. Paul's.

Peg Foss........another great lady of Wurtemburg.  She and her husband Ernie were very loved here.

Carolyn Contois was a friend to all here at St. Paul's.  Many years ago, Carolyn was Pastor Mark's secretary.  In more recent years, Carolyn would work her calligraphy magic and prepare all our special certificates so beautifully!  She was our WELCM group's Corresponding Secretary for half a year and would attend Bible Studies whenever possible. She loved coming to church to hear Pastor Mark's sermons.  God bless you, Carolyn!

Joan and Austin Howe lived right up the road from us here at St. Paul's.  We would see them walking together up and down Wurtemburg Road and loved to see them taking care of their wonderful horse.  Although Austin is no longer with us, Joan is living in Florida now and we hear she is doing fine.

Noreen Reilly was a very special lady.....she considered everyone she knew, a friend,  and everyone who knew her was honored to call her "friend."  Not only did she dedicate her life to serving the general public,  she was a very kind and generous member of St. Paul's.   She left us all too soon, but lives in the lives of her children and grandchildren, both near and far.