St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Wurtemburg

WELCM:  Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Conference and Ministerium at St. Paul's Lutheran Church of Wurtemburg 

Our wonderful women's group plays a vital role in the life of St. Paul's.  Our outreach includes support given to our Youth Group, ELCM Affiliates in Africa and emergency financial support for people in need in our home town communities. 

We hold quarterly meetings where we develop as Christian women through discussion and studies of current issues that affect our families and our lives.  We read and analyze books and articles and enjoy quite lively conversations!

We make and deliver meals for people who are dealing with hardship at home and hold fundraisers to build our funds to offer financial support to various church ministries.


                                                           Many of the women in our church gathered together for lunch, for some good old fashioned fellowship.                                                             It's the perfect way to get through a long, cold Winter!   Jan. 2013


                                  Our WELCM meeting on November 10, 2012 was another fun time with plenty of delicious food and exciting conversation.                                                                                                                  We discussed the 1850 lithograph showing the "Stages of a Woman's Life."                                                                   These ladies are some very special people here at St. Paul's,  and are at the core of everything we do here.  God bless them all!


We returned to Mount St. Alphonsus, one last time before it closes to the public at the end of this year.  Our TENTH WELCM Retreat was heald on Saturday,  November 12, 2011.  We reviewed parts of the Book of Job and discussed how God views the thankful we near the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Pastor Mark held a closing service while our organist, Joe Chupay, played beautiful church hymns.   There will always be a special place in our hearts for our retreats at MSA!


                          The retreat we held in 2011 focused on "The Women's Right's Movement/Feminism and What the Bible says about the Role of Women.                                           It was a lively and fascinating discussion!

 Our annual WELCM Retreat was held on March 13, 2010 and was it ever fun!  The theme was "A time for tea, a time for Thee."  We discussed the book of Psalms, ate lots of delicious food, talked about our favorite tea cups and pots and just enjoyed the sisterhood we have here at St. Paul's Wurtemburg.  In the picture above, are the wonderful women who participated in this year's event, holding their special tea items.  God bless you all!

                                                                            One of the many fun events the Women of the ELCM participate in.....                                                                                                                        a Hudson River Fall cruise on the boat, The Teal. 2008                                            

                                                                The WELCM group was instrumental in erecting an authentic Alpine roadside shrine,                                                                                                       acknowledging our German ancestry.                                          

Many of our WELCM Retreats have been held at Mount St. Alphonsus in Esopus, N.Y.

               WELCM Retreat.    2009   The main topic of discussion was  William Young's book,  THE SHACK.